Pure Cashmere Hand-spun Yarn (100g)

Qaria cashmere products are all hand-made. After the fibre has been hand-carded, it is spun to the desired yarn weight by our team of spinners in Kabul. Each craftswoman has her own unique style, so there are minor variations between skeins. This is a part of the prized beauty of hand-made products.

Our hand-spun pure cashmere yarn is available in three different yarn weights:

  • Lace (approx xx wpi)
  • Light fingering (approx xx wpi)
  • Fingering (approx xx wpi)


And in a range of four natural colours:

  • Spinghar White
  • Badakhshi Honey
  • Charmaghz (walnut) Brown
  • Ghazni Raisin (dark brown)

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