Pure Cashmere Fibre (1kg)

Pure Afghan cashmere fibre sourced from Herat, Ghor, Bagdhis and Farah provinces in western Afghanistan. This super-soft fibre is available from Qaria for you to spin your own yarn in four natural colours:

  • Spinghar White, a name that comes from the snow-covered mountains that run down the eastern Afghan border
  • Badakhshi Honey, named after the rich, high meadow, wild flower honey that comes from Badakhshan in the north of Afghanistan
  • Charmaghz brown, coming from the Dari word for walnut, one of the many nuts that flourish throughout Afghanistan
  • Ghazni Raisin, inspired by the sweet, dark coloured raisins for which Ghazni province is particularly well-known

Join Qaria on this colourful journey to the unspoilt remote pastures of Afghanistan. This is where goats grow their soft undercoats to counter freezing winter temperatures - ready to be combed or shorn in the spring as the weather gets warmer. We are now able to offer these precious fibres to a global market of people who appreciate the beauty of this luxury product. Our pure cashmere fibres will allow you to share in the feel-good Afghan yarn.

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